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What Is Reiki?


  • A way to accelerates the body's natural healing ability.
  • Is compatible with western medicine.
  • A powerful non-invasive technique for restoring the body's natural energy flow.
  • Preventative energy medicine that addresses disease before the symptoms manifest by healing prolonged energy imbalances.
  • Easy to learn and safe in most any situation. Reiki cannot be used for harm and is ineffective on anyone who refuses it.
  • An excellent support for other healing practices. While effective alone, it works with other types of healing, neither conflicting nor interfering.
  • A context for calming the mind and emotions providing a calm space for healing to take place.
  • A tool for slowing the pulse and respiratory rates, lowering blood pressure and boosting the ability of the blood to carry energy.
  • An intuitive healing tool.
  • Compatible with all philosophies and religions.



  • Limited to a select few. Anyone can practice it and receive this method of energy healing.
  • Performed in an altered state of consciousness associated with any form of shamanic healing.
  • Drawn from the energy of the practitioner. Most methods of energy healing use the healer's own energy. The energy is drawn through the healer's body, not from it. 
  • A complicated system of energy healing.



Energy healing is an ancient healing art. It was present in the ancient mystical schools in Egypt, the Mediterranean, and throughout the world. Laying on hands to heal is a fundamental instinct of all humans and all of us are capable of being healers. It was not long ago that hands on healing was much more common

Science is just beginning to prove that we have an energetic body which normally emanates from our body anywhere from 1 foot to 10 feet, depending on the health of the body. People that are considered charismatic often have large, healthy auras. Someone who is clairvoyant can see the quality of this energy, as it changes hour to hour, day to day, regardless of the underlying dominant color. When a person is sick or has a disease, the energy body will be uneven, dark, and imbalanced. A disease manifests in the energetic body long before it manifests in the physical body. Praying and meditating clear the body's energetic field and refresh it with a higher vibrational energy. This is why people who pray and meditate are healthier and live longer than those people who do not.

Meditation, prayer, singing and chanting connect our limited energy body to this universal life force/God. A daily practice of any of the above flushes out our limited aura, and refreshes it with a higher vibrational energy. Great enlightened spiritual masters have a huge connection to this universal life force/God and therefore have very large auras, as large as several blocks wide. In their presence, spontaneous “miracles” often can occur. These “miracles” are created by the power of high vibrational spiritual energy, by their connection to a universal energy source.

Reiki is one of many modalities of energy healing, and it is one of the few that has an attunement. An attunement sparks our dormant potential to channel high vibrational energy and connects us to the universal energy force/God. Many spiritual traditions in the east have attunements for serious spiritual students. In yoga it is called shakti pat, deeksha or darshan, given by a guru or spiritual master to a devote or student. In Buddhism, there is often an initiation after a certain number of years of study. It is believed that the apostles were also attuned by the Holy Spirit, Act 2:3, "They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each one of them."

Reiki is an intuitive healing modality. Because it is an energy of love, it will flow into whatever part of the body that needs the healing energy. For the practitioner, a Reiki session is more like a meditation than anything else. As we advance with Reiki, our intuition increases, and we gain a knowing-ness that we trust as we work with clients. Often various bits of information will come to us, everything from knowing when to change hand positions to healing knowledge for the client. The key to any type of healing is complete non-attachment to the outcome. Whereas the condition that the client came in for may not seemingly have changed, the Reiki energy is working at the root of the problem, which could be not only in the physical realm but also in the emotional, mental (limiting beliefs), and spiritual realms. After a Reiki session, a client will always feel more relaxed, and more peaceful. This is the nature of the energy.



Reiki sessions take place fully clothed o a massage table. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes.  The client and the practitoner should remove all belts, jewelry and shoes.

A full body session usually lasts about an hour, with work on both the front and back of the body. The practitioner gently places her hands on specific places on the body, such as the hands, feet, heart, and top of the head for at 3 to 7 minutes. 

With someone very ill or elderly, the session will be shorter, about 20 to 30 minutes. This allows their body to become used to the energy. In this case, it is better to do a series of shorter sessions.

For infants and small children, 10 to 20 minutes is usually sufficient. When they become restless, it is a signal to stop. Crying babies can often be calmed with a short burst of Reiki.

A session often begins face up, with the legs and arms uncrossed.  Reiki is deeply relaxing, and the client may fall asleep or they may enter into a deep relaxed state. This is perfectly normal. Whereas the client's body temperature often drops, the Reiki practitioner warms up when the Reiki energy hits an energy blockage in the clients energy system. If it is a major blockage, the practitioner may even begin sweating. Sometimes the client can feel this heat in the affected area as well. The client may experience a variety of sensations during the session: heat, coolness, electricity and tingling, waves of energy, and visions of colored light. Quiet your internal dialogue during the session. Reiki is an intuitive gift and receiving Reiki is an opportunity to connect with your higher spiritual self. 



A Reiki attunement removes obstructions in the energy field, and unblocks and aligns the major chakras. Each level attunement is stronger than the previous one. It is encouraged to spend some time between attunements, doing healing on others and yourself, to begin to really understand Reiki and how it works. This can be a period of two weeks or up to two years.

A Reiki attunement is like plugging in a lamp. Once attuned, the Reiki student can turn the energy on and off. He or she becomes a channel though which Reiki energy flows through. Once activated, Reiki is available and present.

One of the benefits of Reiki for those of us who are sensitive, empathic or psychic, is that it gives us more of a buffer zone between us and others who may be draining us of energy or affecting us adversely. It provides a very quick way to re-center oneself in all circumstances. It gives us the ability to be detached, grounded and centered.

After an attunement, one may move through a period of sensitivity. This period provides space for releasing habits that no longer serve us, and the resurfacing and releasing of old blockages and traumas. One may notice intensified and significant dream activity. People who are a negative influence may suddenly leave our life, sometimes in a dramatic fashion. Be aware that this is all for the greater good, and that you and your life will be better and different at the end of this period. Performing Reiki on oneself daily and having a daily spiritual practice will help even out and center us through these ups and downs. One can give and receive Reiki sessions with each other during this time.


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