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Reiki is a completely different experience. If EFT is like pin point bombing, targeting specific problems problems, Reiki is like standing in a beautiful waterfall in paradise, washing away your stress, bad health and negative thinking. It changes the energetic environment of the body, putting the receiver in a state of profound relaxation. It is proven that stress makes us sick. Relaxation, on a deep level, is healing. Reiki brings the body back to a deep state of relaxation and balance. It is usually a hands on healing, with the client fully clothed on a massage table with the practitioner gently holding points on the body, such as the feet and hands.  Most clients fall into a deep sleep, or silent, very peaceful mental space. Although Reiki hails from a Tibetan Buddhist heritage, Reiki has no connections to any religious dogma or doctrine. In the Christian tradition, it is the same as spiritual healing and is considered prayer healing.


Reiki Testimonials:


"Very interesting. I felt a lot of heat building in the lower back and abdomen-intense sensations. Hopefully whatever was there "burned up". Thanks for the session.", R.P., Los Angeles, CA

(Note: client came with cronic back pain, and later reported it was completely gone.)


"It was an unexpected bonus to receive Reiki after a somewhat punishing snowboarding session yesterday. I felt very strong heat and energy in several places (in my body) and now I afterwards feel very good and relaxed and energized...!", Johny Sacko, Washington, DC


"Thank you. What a peaceful session! I could feel the warmth of yur hands bringing energy to my body. I could feel surges of energy unblocking trapped areas. Thank you again.", D. F., Los Angeles, CA


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