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Emotional Freedom Technique Testimonials:

Rose is amazing and so intuitive! I have had several sessions with her and EFT has been so effective. I also enjoy Rose's advice and experience from her vast travels and her innate wisdom. Thank you Rose for your care and compassion. I look forward to seeing you soon! Rachel Long, York, PA


"EFT is a great way to deal with your issues. What's more important though, is that Rose is remarkably perceptive and really able to hone in on your specific needs and understand your perspective. A session with her can make a huge difference in your life! This method of healing applied by Rose with her great sense of empathy can lift you to greater heights of well-being and understanding of your own personal potential. Definitely worth a try for anyone struggling for greater clarity and direction." I.O. in Chicago
"I had more progress with Rose in a two hour session than in ten years of talk therapy. I highly recommend working with her." N.H. , New York, NY
"EFT got me to pass my French credential examination to become a teacher!  After several failed attempts and narrow misses, I finally passed the rigorous writing, recorded speaking, and audio components of the exam.  Thank you to Rose and EFT!" C.K., Orange, CA
"Rose helped me get over a deep important relationship I’d had a decade earlier and didn’t even realize was still in my psyche holding me back.  Although I hadn’t had a boyfriend since that time, two months after our one EFT session I met my beloved partner who I’m still with today. You can trust Rose with any issue and she will lead you through it with competence and compassion.  I was so amazed, I’ve been inspired to use the technique on my own and with my coaching clients to help them stop their skin-picking and hair-pulling behaviors and especially to overcome shame and reduce anxiety." Annette Pasternak, Ph.D.
"Working with Rose is a delight. She is professional and focused and after a few short sessions I made heartfelt progress in several challenging areas of my life I've been struggling with for years.", M.B., Costa Rica
"Rose's EFT was a new modality that I had never come across. I was honestly a bit apprehensive at first, but going through all the (tapping) points and all the talking really helped me release my childhood trauma and the trauma of my bike accident. I feel completely refreshed and it is amazing how much I feel like I have completely let go. When I go through the (memory of) the accident, I no longer feel the emotions come up. Thank you Rose for introdcing me to a new modality and helping me release. ", N., Black Rock City, NV
"I very much enjoyed the workshop. Keep up the good work.", W., Los Angeles, CA
"If you're looking to improve your life and have someone guide you on your way, Rose is the perfect companion. She is very intuitive, knowledgeable and has a lot of life experience. She brings her whole being to the table and is fully present when interacting with clients. I had the pleasure of attending a group introductory course and was amazed by Rose's presence. She was truly listening and paying attention to everyone in the group. I believe it's her compassion for all of us living beings that made me (and I'm certain everybody else as well) feel very comfortable around her from the very get-go.EFT is a wonderful technique. I was astonished by the changes that happened in people within such a short amount of time. We were all given the tools to now help ourselves. To anyone who needs/wants some support, I can highly recommend Rose. She will definitely get to the bottom of things, while constantly remaining her loving and non-judgemental self. Thanks Rose, for being such an inspiration." Jennifer Heinen, Los Angeles, CA
"Today I feel...light, weightless yet grounded...walking towards the future. Thank you so much, my friend!
Monica, York, PA
Reiki Testimonials:
"Very interesting. I felt a lot of heat building in the lower back and abdomen-intense sensations. Hopefully whatever was there "burned up". Thanks for the session.", R.P., Los Angeles, CA
(Note: client came with cronic back pain, and later reported it was completely gone.)
"It was an unexpected bonus to receive Reiki after a somewhat punishing snowboarding session yesterday. I felt very strong heat and energy in several places (in my body) and now I afterwards feel very good and relaxed and energized...!", Johny Sacko, Washington, DC
"Thank you. What a peaceful session! I could feel the warmth of yur hands bringing energy to my body. I could feel surges of energy unblocking trapped areas. Thank you again.", D. F., Los Angeles, CA
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