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Is the progress in each session of EFT permanent?

Yes, the progress we make in each session is permanent. EFT is so effective that by the end of the session, clients often dismiss the EFT work because they have have forgotten it was an issue in the first place! This is why EFT counselors often use SUDS, (subjective units of distress) to measure the before and after, on a scale of one to ten.

Each issue, such as stage fright can have many contributing experiences. Each experience from our past has aspects. These might be emotions, and feelings or even sounds, phrases, or circumstances. It is possible to end a session and have another aspect of the problem surface later, because the layers that were hiding it have been removed. These aspects are parts of the problem that were not worked on during the session. So if we work through anger and shame of a particular memory in a session, but don't work on sadness, the sadness associated with that memory will remain, until we work on it in the next session.

In some cases such as phobias and fear, imagining the event is enough. For any remaining discomfort, doing tapping while you are facing that fear will remove whatever remaining fear is left. For instance, it will be extremely useful to do some EFT tapping before you go on stage for public speaking, to calm down any remaining discomfort, and to get you centered.


It is good to write a diary of your progress, whether you are working with a peer counselor or doing your own personal tapping work. This way it is easy to track your progress, as your life becomes easier and more peaceful.


How many sessions will it take to overcome a particular problem?


This depends on the clients' history. If a current problem can be traced back to a single memory, it can be cleared in one or two sessions. An example of this would be the fear of getting into a car after having a severe accident as an adult. The memory is available to work with, and even if the client is demonstrating signs of trauma, we can use gentle techniques to sneak up on the memory. This kind of trauma would be called a “big T” trauma. When a problem can be traced to one or two memories, it is easy to shift the energy that is holding the client in a bad reactive loop.


It takes longer if the roots of the problem were laid down over a period of time. Childhood abuse is an examples of this. If the abusive circumstances existed for 16 years, regardless of how severe or subtle, it will take some time to release the energy and beliefs that resulted from the immersion in abuse. Happily, only a fraction of the abusive memories will have to be shifted with tapping, and not all of them, for its effects to be dramatic and lasting. To face such memories takes great courage, and perseverance. EFT and EMDR are the most effective tools out there to release the effects of such a history. This kind of trauma would be called “little T” trauma. Many small events lead to negative perceptions of the world.


Why doesn't EFT focus on the positive? Can't I just use positive affirmations?


Using a positive affirmation when you have a lot of emotional baggage is like trying to push clean water through a clogged pipe, and expecting clean water to come out at the other end. Our baggage creates an energetic map, full of roads that can be seriously clogged. You can read your own map by taking an inventory of what is in your life now. Our physical reality reflects our inner reality.


Positive affirmations work on the conscious mind, and most of our beliefs lie in our subconscious mind. Affirmations can work, but it takes much longer than EFT because the positive energy is being blocked by our negative experiences.


A belief is something we create from our life experiences, or something that we absorb from our family. We often create these beliefs before age 6. A limiting belief will disappear if we tap through many of the memories that created it. When a limiting belief has been removed, our body, mind and spirit simply re-balances into a more positive reality. At this stage, positive affirmations can be a huge benefit.


Keep in mind that saying affirmations can potentially bring up any negative emotional baggage that are connected to them. I have had clients burst into tears while saying positive affirmations. Or even worse, the positive affirmations simply have no impact at all!


Using EFT to target specific negative memories that underlie a belief or reaction is simply more effective. When the negative resistance has been removed and the emotional response to the memories is low, I then shift to tapping on positive affirmations.




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